Storage and logistic services are provided in this warehouses:

České Budějovice
Praha 9 Horní Počernice

  • Warehouses are operated as distributions warehouses with full services for your goods
  • We provide up to date professional logistic solution and professional services, that allows to handle large demands on the turnover of goods in the warehouse
  • We guarantee stock records in customer codes (easy cross-checking at inventory-taking), possible to use FIFO (first in first out)
  • Control of movement of goods in the warehouse using EAN codes (actually warehouses Praha and České Budějovice), wireless management and control of goods movement
  • We are using bar codes mainly for income and outcome validation, thereby contributing to the improvement of our service, not just our work simplification
  • We provides standard manipulation of goods, as well as other warehousing services, which consists of receiving inspection, completion of shipments, packing, wrapping, sticking and labeling, complementing of manuals, warranty certificates and delivery notes, manuals, all are possible to print, inserting into envelopes, and other services
  • You have the possibility to check the inventory management on-line by our web application internet warehouse called NETSPEDICE (the customer has the account in our secured system), we recommend to use this application for ordering of expedition and shipping of goods (application consist of own directory, track & trace, history of orders, price calculation, printing of labels and lists of orders, and more)
  • We propose the possibility of both sided communication through an agreed Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • All goods in the warehouse is insured
  • By income from abroad we can provide customs clearance services
  • The part of our services is transportation and distribution of goods within 24 hour within the Czech Republic, 48 to 72 hours in Slovak, variable in EU countries
  • We provide the logistic services based on customer’s specific needs thanks to our own software and development department


Tel: +420 389 001 508, +420 389 001 509
Fax: +420 389 001 666